It's a race to the Patent office.

It's all about the Patent.

Without a Patent, you own nothing.


How not to get shafted.

As a Canadian Inventor, it's important

to understand how not to get shafted.


How to incorporate an Inventor's company in Canada.

Me 2.

Me 2.

Me 2.


Product liability associated with a Patent.



How to register your Inventor

Corporation with CRA.

(Canada Revenue Agency)


If you're not King of your world,

someone else rules.  Be King.

This is a volunteer project;

from one King to another.


The world of inventing,

is confusing for newbies.

Know the steps to inventing. is a volunteer project to help Canadian Inventors.

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It is for entertainment purposes only.

Please seek professional help prior to acting on any information

contained on this website.  It's why professionals were invented.

Names used within samples are fictional; used to convey a message to the reader.

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